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Knowledgeable Knights is a monthly student recognition program that honors one student in each of the 11 departments - Art, Business, ELA, Health/Wellness, LOTE, Math, Music, PE, Science, Social Studies, and Tech. Knowledgeable Knights represent the ideal academic qualities we strive for each day; participation, responsibility, improvement, grit, and perseverance! Students are nominated by their teachers and peers. The monthly selections are made by the Emerging Knights Student Leadership subcommittee. Each winner receives their own Knowledgeable Knights cinch bag!

May Knowledgeable Knights MAY
Art - Tommy Condidorio
Business - Nick Vallese
ELA - Austin Biggins
FACS - Abby Dalberth
Health - Zach Eschberger
LOTE - Alexa Miller
Math - Alyssa Green
Music - Jackson Cain
PE - Kenneth Brownell
Science - Evie Babcock
Social Studies - Brenton Smith
Tech - Parker Dowell
Wellness - Kenna MacKenzie
April Knowledgeable Knights APRIL
Art - Peyton Koukides
Business - Cole Heaney
ELA - Aiden Soggs
FACS - Jesse Thomas
Health - Trey Prevost
LOTE - Macie Howe
Math - Christina Woodrow
Music - Connor McGee
PE - Sydney Miller
Science - Camden Baris
Social Studies - Andrew Ayers
Tech - Erik Schwab
Wellness - Owen Morrison
March Knowledgeable Knights MARCH
Art - Melissa Park
Business - Lindsey Coniber
ELA - Abigail Cacioppo
FACS - Brittany Lyness
Health - John Panepento
LOTE - Lucianna Russo
Math - Alano Caraballo
Music - Joelle Stowell
PE - Zharia Newton
Science - Aspen Wise
Social Studies - Xandria Jackson
Tech - Cole Friedhaber
Wellness - Jackson Spezzano
February Knowledgeable Knights FEBRUARY
Art - Morgan Beverly
Business - Reece Tresco
ELA - Audney Burnside
FACS - Emilee Scott
Health - Christian Dioguardi
LOTE - Evelyn Babcock
Math - Kayleb Burk
Music - Dan Ferrara
PE - Noah Holland
Science - Emma Miller
Social Studies - Kailie DeWald
Tech - Socorro Spencer
Wellness - Scott Cooper
January Knowledgeable Knights  JANUARY
Art - Sophia Jermy
Business - Ethan Miller
ELA - Cal Koukides
FACS - Sydney Steen
Health - Jake Williams
LOTE - Quinn Kacur
Math - Lucy Storey
Music - Minori Swanson
PE - Tyler Slaven
Science - Paityn Cooper
Social Studies - Ben Oliver
Tech - Cooper Terry
Wellness - Jackson Spezzano
December Knowledgeable Knights DECEMBER
Art - Josh Pfendler
Business - Roan Mallaber
ELA - Sundae Duyssen
FACS - Allison Dewitt
Health - Emily Williams
LOTE - Madison Spink
Math - Austin Gallagher
Music - Maureen Klaiber
PE - Wyatt Ippolito
Science - Robert Myers
Social Studies - Allison Privatera
Tech - David Williams
Wellness - Joseph Stephany
November Knowledgeable Knights
Art - Delaney Ingles
Business - Ava Horgan
ELA - Lyric Sheehan
FACS - Kelsey Brownell
Health/Wellness - Macie Howe
LOTE - Shane Dreyer
Math - Samantha Hyde
Music - Catie Long
PE - Aiden Soggs
Science - William Stowell
Social Studies - Isabela Braun
Tech - Katie Salphine
 October Knowledgeable Knights
Art - Janan Kurtgeri
Business - Elizabeth Williams
ELA - Emmanuel Fisher
Health/Wellness - Cedric Spencer
LOTE - Jacob Williams
Math - Lindsey Coniber
Music - Marlena Pencille
PE - Jennifer Pullyblank
Science - Joshua Hamilton
Social Studies - Jack Duyssen
Tech - Nathan Merle