Knowledgeable Knights

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Knowledgeable Knights is a monthly student recognition program that honors one student in each of the 12 departments - Art, Business, ELA, FACS, Health/Wellness, LOTE, Math, Music, PE, Science, Social Studies, and Tech. Knowledgeable Knights represent the ideal academic qualities we strive for each day; participation, responsibility, improvement, grit, and perseverance! Students are nominated by their teachers and peers. The monthly selections are made by the Emerging Knights Student Leadership subcommittee. Each winner receives their own Knowledgeable Knights water bottle!

Knowledgeable Knights - February FEBRUARY
Art - Anna Panepento
Business - AJ Schmidt
ELA - Madison Heaney
FACS - Audney Burnside
Health/Wellness - Jake Higgins
LOTE - Samantha Privatera
Math - Tyler Strollo
Music - Jayce Panepento
PE/LIFE - Brenton Smith
Science - Maverick Cook
Social Studies - Isabella Condidorio
Tech - Macie Howe

January Knowledgeable Knights JANUARY
Art - Olivia Johnson
Business - Evan Reynolds
ELA - Anthony Gangi
FACS - Tyler Strollo
Health/Wellness - Emma Hobart
LOTE - Dylan Russell-Lewis
Math - Allyson Austin
Music - Evan Williams
PE/LIFE - Jamie Hammon
Science - Doug Irwin
Social Studies - Dylan Maciag
Tech - Jack Tonzi

December Knowledgeable Knights DECEMBER
Art - Zachary Flansburg
Business - Delcina Cassidy
ELA - Haley Smalley
FACS - Alexus Mumford
Health/Wellness - Sarah Luetticke-Archbell
LOTE - Jack Tonzi
Math - Connor Dziedzic
Music - Maria Calhoun
PE/LIFE - Ryan Murphy
Science - Ethan Riggs
Social Studies - Aspen Wise
Tech - Owen Williams

Knowledgeable Knights November 2019 NOVEMBER
Art - Skylar Mielke
Business - Madison Coniber
ELA - Grace Nickerson
FACS - McKenna Coniber
Health/Wellness - Isabella DeMartino
LOTE - Corina Dunn
Math - Adalynn Ehrmentraut
Music - Kara Valdes
PE/LIFE - Thomas Condidorio
Science - Paris Warren
Social Studies - Joshua Griffis
Tech - Zachary DeKruger

October 2019 Knowledgeable Knights OCTOBER
Art - Christina Woodrow
Business - Brady Fix
ELA - Alexus Mumford
FACS - Noah Holland
Health/Wellness - Ella Mattice
LOTE - Dray Grayson
Math - Will Cedeno
Music - Fernando Cacho
PE - Ryan Friend
Science - Alianna Baris
Social Studies - Morgan Beverly
Tech - Austin Moulton