Knowledgeable Knights

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Knowledgeable Knights is a monthly student recognition program that honors one student in each of the 12 departments - Art, Business, ELA, FACS, Health/Wellness, LOTE, Math, Music, PE, Science, Social Studies, and Tech.
Knowledgeable Knights represent the ideal academic qualities we strive for each day; participation, responsibility, improvement, grit, and perseverance! Students are nominated by their teachers and peers. The monthly selections are made by the Emerging Knights Student Leadership subcommittee. Each winner receives their own Knowledgeable Knights water bottle!

Knowledgeable Knights March 2024

Art - Wynter Barnum
Business - Brayden Chase
ELA - Angel Valerio-Azamar
FACS - Lily Renz
Foreign Language - Liam Grayson
Health/Wellness - Sadie McAllister
Math - Macie Howe
Music - Meredith Ianni
PE - Lilly MacKenzie
Science - Bee Harding
Social Studies - Kayden Nicometo
Tech - Kate Ehrmentraut
Knowledgeable Knights February 2024

Art - Molly Osterman
ELA - Annora Karcher
FACS - Connor Corcimiglia
Foreign Language - Trinity Barnum
Math - Carson Caton
Music - Kira Ryan
PE - Corey Brown
Science - Kara Valdes
Social Studies - Meredith Ianni
Tech - Logan Kanaley
Knowledgeable Knights - January 2024

Art - Elise Fisher
Business - Bethany Gracie
ELA - Kendall Bunch
FACS - Elizabeth Gallagher
Foreign Language - Brady McClurg
Health/Wellness - Jeremiah Sheehan
Math - Evan Rose
Music - Leah Cashin
PE - Fernando Cacho
Science - Carolyn Wujick
Social Studies - Kallia Shannon
Tech - Darrell Langton
Knowledgeable Knights - December 2023

Art - Caleb Cone
Business - Seth Draper
ELA - Julie Kochmanski
FACS - Cameron Riggi
Foreign Language - Kylie Wilson
Health/Wellness - Jaxson Cook
Math - Violet Blake
Music - Allison Keller
PE - Jake Higgins
Science - Matt Dorobiala
Social Studies - Jagger Smith
Tech - Robert Dunn
Knowledgeable Knights - November 2023

Art - Sascha Breton
Business - Alex Spezzano
ELA - Elaina Blake
FACS - Jeremiah Sheehan
Foreign Language - Jaxon Nichols
Health/Wellness - Annora Karcher
Math - Allyson Walters
Music - Ben Knapp
PE - Addie Roth
Science - Natalee Shepard
Social Studies - Keara Fearby
Tech - James Barsaloux
Knowledgeable Knights - October 2023 OCTOBER
Art - Abbey Rose Root
Business - Jacob Elmore
ELA - Mikah Berl
FACS - Aeris Hurley
Foreign Language - Grady Gilligan
Health/Wellness - Kimberly Walters
Math - Tanner Alquist
Music - Leah Cashin
PE - Carley Bunch
Science - Cooper Swanson
Social Studies - Sundae Duyssen
Tech - Lyla Jones