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Policies & Procedures

Detention - Monday through Friday - 2:20-3:00pm
Absences - Legal
When a student is absent from school, it is expected that he/she is too ill to attend school and therefore, must remain at home all day. He/she is excluded from all school activities, including rehearsals, practices, and athletic events the day he/she is absent. Parents are requested to call the school early in the morning to inform the attendance officer when students will be absent. In addition, the parent must submit a note and the student must present this note to the Attendance Office on the day he/she returns. He/she will then be issued an admittance card. This admittance card must be shown to his/her homeroom teacher.
Any student who becomes ill during the regular school day must report such illness to his or her teacher. The teacher will then determine the need for another student to accompany him or her to the nurse's office for attention and who will fill out the appropriate pass and who will then report this matter to the office immediately. No student is to take it upon himself to leave the school premises or go to any unauthorized locale in the school due to illness without the knowledge of the school nurse and the expressed permission of the high school principal.
When an absence is known beforehand, such as a court appearance, religious observance, etc., a written excuse, signed by the residential custodial parent, or a phone call is required to the attendance officer in the high school at 768-5518.
The school district discourages parents from seeking early dismissal of their children. However, if a parent feels it is absolutely necessary for his or her child to be released prior to the normal dismissal time, he or she must submit that request in writing to the school office. Requests made by telephone will not be honored.
Absences for Vacations
Recognizing the fact that many people are required to take their vacations during the winter, the following regulations are adopted to address the situation:
  1. Parents are discouraged from removing children from school for vacation purposes unless such removal is urgently necessary, in that work missed usually cannot adequately be studied in absentia.
  2. Parents shall plan to make requests for such absences as far in advance as possible and shall make such requests in writing to the principal. To be acceptable, requests for excused absence for vacation purposes must be presented prior to the requested absence.
  3. Absence for vacation purposes will be honored at any time upon physician's certificate that such absence is necessary.
  4. Except for physician's certificates, no student is to be excused for vacation purposes unless accompanied on the vacation by a parent or legal guardian.
  5. The responsibility of the school shall be limited to giving assignments of work to be covered in absentia. Teachers shall not be asked to give special make-up tests nor give additional time to explain work covered.
Absences - Illegal
An absence is illegal if it is outside the scope of illness of pupil, illness or death in the immediate family, impassable roads, quarantine, religious observance or required presence in court.
Any student who arrived in homeroom after 7:45am must report to the attendance office with a written excuse.
Unauthorized Leave
No student is to leave class or the school premises during the regular school day without a written request, duly signed by a parent or guardian, and approval granted by the principal. Doctor appointments and the like must be submitted in writing with the bonafide signature of the parent or guardian, before the date of the appointment.
The administration and faculty can expect that all students will be dressed appropriately and in good taste for the regular school sessions and respective school activities. The administration and faculty can insist on clean and decent clothing that does not disrupt a safe and orderly learning environment.
Bizarre items of attire or "costumes" will be prohibited on the basis of their disruptive effect on the teaching and learning processes. The wearing of halters, skimpy clothing, shirts, or clothing with vulgar stenciling will not be permitted.
If, in the judgment of an administrator or teacher, the student is dressed in a manner that is deemed distractive to students or teachers in educational pursuit, the student will be asked to change.
A student must have a pass to leave any room for reasons outside of class schedule. The privilege pass covers all needs. It must be signed by the teacher requesting the excuse and by the teacher who grants the privilege. There is a lavatory and locker pass system in study hall. If a student wants to go to the lavatory or locker during study hall, he/she asks the study hall teacher for the pass.
Parent Conferences
The teachers and principal welcome conferences with parents concerning a child's progress. However, teachers cannot be expected to stop classes for a conference with a parent. An appointment by telephone or note will ensure ample time for a conference and will avoid conflict with classroom assignments. Conferences help to promote a better understanding of the child on the part of both the home and the school. Parents and teachers gain a better appreciation of the child's interests and problems by working together. Parents are also invited to visit their child's classroom to observe their child at work, but prior notification is expected. Please report your presence in the building immediately upon your arrival. All visitors are required to stop at the school office prior to going to other parts of the building. A visitor's pass will be issued at that time.
Working Papers
  1. Go to the school office to obtain all necessary forms, information, and assistance.
  2. Complete the regular application form which requires:
    a. signature of a parent or guardian
    b. birth or baptismal record
    c. report from school doctor or doctor's certificate
    d. school record, if leaving school.
  1. STANDARD EMPLOYMENT CERTIFICATE - for boys and girls 16 and 17, for work in a factory and other types of work. New certificate is required for each job.
  2. VACATION WORK PERMIT - for boys and girls 14-15, for work during vacations and after school hours. New permit must be obtained for each new job. Not legal for work in factory workrooms or for work involving use of dangerous machinery or chemical processes. Permits delivery or clerical work in enclosed offices or factories, and in dry cleaning stores, shoe repair shops, and similar service stores.
  3. FARM WORK PERMIT - must be obtained by boys and girls for picking berries, fruits, or vegetables, also for boys and girls 14 and 15 for work on a farm other than the home farm. Each farmer must sign this permit, but a new permit is not required for each new job. None needed for home farm.
  4. NEWSPAPER CARRIER BOYS BADGE OR CERTIFICATE - must be obtained by boys 12-18 who deliver, or sell and deliver, newspapers or magazines, door to door.
  5. STREET TRADES BADGE OR CERTIFICATE - required for self-employed boys 14-18 working in a street rade. (Bootblack or selling newspapers in the street or public places) SPECIFIED BY NEW YORK STATE DEPT. OF LABOR MAY, 1972.