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The Le Roy Jr.-Sr. High School Art Program provides a creative environment in which all students learn to see, think, create, and evaluate. In accordance with the New York State Standards for Visual Arts, students explore a variety of subject matter, topics, and themes. Skills are developed using a variety of art materials, processes, mediums, and techniques. Appropriate technologies for creating and exhibiting visual artworks are emphasized. Creativity, craft, and techniques are stressed in all lessons and projects.
Concrete accomplishments and finished artwork provide students with "measurable" learning, growth, and satisfaction. These outcomes contribute to the positive concept of self and the personal success of each student.
  1. A 5 unit sequence in Art can be used in place of the three unit State Foreign Language requirement for an Advanced Regents Diploma.
  2. A 5 unit Art sequence would be:
    1. Introduction to Studio Art
    2. Drawing & Painting I
    3. Drawing & Painting II
    4. Two other credits of electives
Art 7: Meets every other day for the whole school year. The curriculum of this course is aligned with the New York State Standards for the Arts. During this course, the student will be exposed to a variety of 2D and 3D art materials. Projects focus on the use of the elements and principles of art with a strong emphasis on creative growth. Grading is based on the student's ability to achieve the objectives for each project.
Introduction to Studio Art: Studio Art utilizes the elements and principles of art and basic color theory to introduce students to a variety of 2D and 3D media and techniques. Emphasis is placed on student effort and individual creativity. Art history and criticism are integrated into this course. Weekly sketchbook assignments are a requirement of this course. (Full year, 1.0 credit)
Drawing & Painting I: This course builds on the foundation learned in Studio Art. While focusing on the process of creating works of art, the students will explore many new mediums and techniques, tackling both traditional and expressive concepts. A strong emphasis is placed on technique and development of personal style. A variety of materials will be used, such as: graphite, colored pencils, charcoal, oil pastels, pen & ink, watercolor, acrylic, and oil paint. A personal sketchbook is a requirement for this course. (Full year, 1.0 credit)
Prerequisite: Introduction to Studio Art
Drawing & Painting II: This course offers the motivated art student highly personalized individualized attention to reach their highest potential. The student is responsible for investigating a variety of art mediums throughout the year. It is expected that students display a portion of their work at the annual Art Show as part of their authentic assessment. A personal sketchbook is a requirement for this course. (Full year, 1.0 credit)
Prerequisite: Drawing & Painting I
Advanced Studio Art: This full year course for seniors expands on the concepts taught in the Intro to Studio Art course. The information and projects are more in depth and challenging. This intensive course continues an exploration of a variety of methods and materials, both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional. Art appreciation and art history are incorporated throughout the course and sketchbook assignments are required. (Full year, 1.0 credit)
Prerequisite: Drawing & Painting II
Digital Photography I: This full year, .5 credit, A/C or B/D day course offers an introduction to digital imaging. Students will examine the practical and technical aspects of the digital camera nd the use of image editing software (Adobe Photoshop). This course will provide an overview of the art of photography through studying the history of photographic images, the evolution of photographic methods, and the implications of this medium as an art form. Students will gain hands-on experience with their own digital camera, which is a requirement for this class. It is expected that students will take pictures outside of class time.
Prerequisite: None
Digital Photography II: This full year, .5 credit, A/C or B/D day intermediate level course expands on the concepts taught in Digital Photography I. More emphasis will be placed on the Elements of Art and Principles of Design while exploring electronic image making as a means of communication used by contemporary artists. Students will learn more advanced techniques in editing and photo manipulation using Adobe Photoshop Elements software.
Prerequisite: Digital Photography I
Pottery: This full year, .5 credit, A/C or B/D day course will introduce the student to the pottery studio. Vocabulary for clay and knowledge of clay and ceramics along with art history will be incorporated. Students will explore three basic forms of hand building: pinch, coil, and slab. Students will also learn about a variety of glazing and firing techniques. All students will learn how to use the pottery wheel and throw clay vessels.
Advanced Pottery: Class meets every other day for the full year. This class is for the highly motivated student that wishes to continue exploring the medium of ceramics. More in depth hand-building, sculptural, and on wheel projects will be produced. Students will be expected to create pinch, slab, and coil constructions.
Prerequisite: Pottery and a teacher recommendation.
Metal Design I: This full year, .5 credit, A/C or B/D day course will give students the unique opportunity to learn the science behind the art of working with metal. Basic metal manipulation and developing proficiency with the tools of jewelry-making are central to the course. Learn how to solder as we explore various materials and techniques while working on the fundamentals of design. Emphasis will be on the social and historical context in which jewelry has been made and its significance in today's society. 
"Study the science of art and the art of science." - Leonardo Da Vinci
Prerequisite: None
Metal Design II: This is a full year, .5 credit, A/C or B/D day course. Projects will build upon the skills and concepts learned in Metal Design I. Students will create complex metal sculptures using cold connections, soldering, tooling, and/or wire manipulation. Students will be expected to conceptualize an idea for a project within instructor guildelines and follow through to create a fully realized sculpture. Students will also be introduced to new materials such as metal clay, glass fusing, and enameling. This half year course is intended for the highly motivated art student wanting to work with alternative materials. Course co-taught by Mrs. Soto and Ms. Castro.
Prerequisite: Metal Design I
Yearbook Publishing: This is a full year, .5 credit, A/C or B/D day course. This class is where students work collaboratively to visually and verbally document the story of the school year. Learn valuable life skills that naturally translate into real world scenarios. Business, technology, journalism, and art are all part of publishing our school's yearbook from scratch. In this class we will PLAN, CREATE, MARKET, and finally PUBLISH our yearbook. 30 real skills for the real world in one class.
Prerequisite: Digital Photography